About Us

We at Polaroid University celebrate photography and the history of photography. In 1947, Edwin Land changed photography forever with the invention of the instant camera. Today, we bring cutting-edge video episodes to teach photography and inspire the exploration and creativity that Edwin Land would be proud of.

Whether you're just looking to get the most out your smartphone on vacation, a serious amateur who wants to master a new HDSLR, or a professional looking to upgrade your skills, Polaroid University has entertaining and educational episodes to help you achieve these goals.

Learning Online

Most of our students will take advantage of Polaroid University's online episodes for learning photography. Our episodes are accessible on-demand, anytime, from anyplace there's an internet connection. Choose what to learn and when to learn from videos with great production values, that are highly entertaining and educational.

We will not force you two watch hours of lecturing in order to learn the important nugget of photography knowledge.

Professional Instructors

We believe that experience matters— so we have some of the best professionals in photography to share their expertise with our viewers.

Entertaining Episodes

First and foremost, our episodes are designed to teach photography, but we do it in a way that is entertaining too. There's a difference between a dry recitation of information and engaging, thoughtful, quality programming. We hope you'll appreciate the difference.


We appreciate hearing from brand representatives, industry professionals, and those interested in the arts, education, and teaching people about photography. Contact us.